Hand Stamped Sentiments Color Challenge #287 Artist Picks

All of the submissions for our Color Challenge were so great!  

Thank you to everyone who played along with us.

 Congratulations to the following Artist Picks! 

Tu-Tu Cute_Woodgrain_Cindy Major_1

Cindy Major

Heather's Pages


Every other TUESDAY we announce the Artist Picks for the prior two week's challenge. The winners receive a special badge to display on their blog to announce they were a Hand Stamped Sentiments Artist Pick.

Every two weeks you have the chance to play along. We'd love to see your creativity. Check out today's newest post to see what challenge we have this week!


  1. ooooh - thank you so much for choosing my card as one of your artists picks - and congrats to the other picks, too. Loopyloo :)

  2. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for the pick! It was a fun challenge - congrats to all!


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